CHIGGER RIDGE RANCH IS GOING OUT OF BUSINESS! We have always made a profit on both our hair sheep and our commercial rabbit enterprise, however personal reasons have led us to the decision to close down and our 100 acre farm will be up for sale soon. We would like to thank all of our former customers for their support of us and locally grown sustainable agriculture over the years. We are leaving the web site up as a resource to our former rabbit customers and as we sell farm equipment, animal equipment, bee equipment and two wonderful Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs (see below).


These are experienced sheep guarding dogs 5 and a bit over 6 years old. They are also good around horses, free roaming chickens, rabbits, ducks, cats, and other dogs (at least those that they don't consider a threat). They should be a good training team for a new young LGD. They would transition fairly easily to guarding goats or cattle if needed. They will bark (and even growl) at strangers, but are extremely loving to work with once they consider you "part of the family". They are both spayed. Once we added these two to our farm - the coyotes moved OUT!

It just didn't seem right to sell two partners who have served us so faithfully - so we are offering our great pyrenees LGD's free to a good home that needs them. Jaws and Macy miss their sheep!


Please go to the page below to access information on our equipment for sale. We have lots of general farm equipment such as corn planters, bush hogs, manure spreaders, hay spears, sprayers, plows, disks, harrows, wood splitters, rock rakes, and blades. We have a lot of animal equipment as well such as bunk feeders, goat or sheep tilt table, goat, sheep, or hog scale, port-a-hut animal shelters, and adjustable goat or sheep loading chute. In addition, we also have a large inventory of bee equipment for 8 or 10 frame hives, as well as honey extractors, wax melters and the like.

Click on the button to the left for our location and how to contact us regarding farm equipment for sale, animal equipment for sale, livestock guard dogs for sale. We are also happy to correspond by e-mail with our former customers or those who are looking for a little advice about getting started with rabbits.

We have farm equipment, livestock equipment, bee equipment, livestock guard dogs (LGD) for sale. Check it out! Great savings for you. Keep coming back - things will be added and subtracted periodically. We might have just what you need.

Informational page on raising rabbits commercially, sustainable agriculture, getting started with rabbits, and the human health benefits of eating rabbit. Note: we have sold ALL of our rabbit breeding stock and are no longer offering rabbit meat for sale. This page is for information and reference only.

Fun photos from around the farm. How we got started in farming. This page will convert to a "farm for sale" page in the near future! But you can get an idea of what is possible on the place by checking this out.

This Web Site updated 06/02/15